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Rules for mesh

There are now rules for using (and abusing) the mesh on the devel branch. The layout is also much nicer now, so take a peek and give it a try. Few more updates, and version 0.6 is ready.

Updated Character Sheet

I updated the character sheet. It now has space for morph attributes, equipment and a better way to keep track of health and stability.

It still has much to go, but using the new character sheet should make keeping track of the character much easier. If you happen to like designing character sheets, you’re free to take a shot at tweaking it. The Inkscape-file is in the repository.

Rules for the Exsurgent Virus added

The rules for Exsurgents are now available in the devel-branch. They will be in the 0.6 version of the pdf, but for now, you can take a look at the file in the repository and comment on what you think about the rules. Adding the rules for the Exsurgent Virus was one of the 4 milestones for the next release, which means that there are only 3 to go until we get to version 0.6.