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Waiting for Eclipse Phase 2.0

You might have noticed that Posthuman Studios is working on Eclipse Phase 2.0 and is about to publish it in 2017.

What does this mean for EclipseSHOE?

It means that EclipseSHOE is going to continue playtests with the current rules and there will probably be no updates on the rules before Eclipse Phase 2.0 is released. When that happens, I will examine what direction the game is going in and see what changes could be brought over to EclipseSHOE. For example, the skill list is probably useful in rethinking what skills are needed in EclipseSHOE.

And the new resleeving rules look especially interesting.

New, form fillable character sheet

I’ve been busy with Stuff, but I managed to run a game of EclipseSHOE for two new groups of players. I used the current rules, but because the games were run in a convention, there wasn’t much time for character creation. I had to create a bunch of premade characters, which was a real pain with the character sheet I’d used previously. I decided that it would be easier to just make a form fillable character sheet, so I could type or copy-paste the necessary information into the sheets. It is far from perfect, but worked for my purposes. The new Scribus format should be fairly straightforward to fix in the future too.

The new sheet is available in the repository, so if you download the current version of the game, it is included there.

Version 0.5.2. update and campaign on the way

There have been several updates to the rules. The version number is now 0.5.2. More playtesting is still needed, which is why the development has stalled for some time now. I’m writing a campaign, which I will use to test out the rules, and see what needs fixing. It’s unlikely that the main pdf will be updated while I’m doing that, but in the meantime you are free to test it out yourself!